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    It may have such a question for the owner who bathes his dog. Why does Teddy always have a smell on his body after he has bathed? Even if he has changed his bath milk, it is still the same, and sometimes they like to smell their buttocks and rub their buttocks on the ground. In fact, that’s because when you clean up, you tend to ignore the place where the dog’s anal gland is, so how to care for the Teddy dog’s anal gland.

    First of all, the anal gland can help dogs identify. Because each dog’s anal gland tastes different, sometimes dogs will smell each other’s buttocks when they are together. In addition, when dogs live in the wild, they will leave anal gland fluid on the flowers and plants in the grass to mark the dog’s sphere of influence. But now, because of the lack of exercise and the reduction of muscle strength in the legs, domestic dogs can’t push out the excess anal gland fluid, which causes the accumulation of anal glands to cause blockage and swelling.

    At this time, the anal glands will produce an unpleasant smell, which is why they will still smell even after bathing. It can be seen that it is necessary to help them clean the anal glands regularly, especially for the smaller dogs like teddy, which is easy to cause the blockage of the anal glands and the rupture and inflammation of the anal glands. Therefore, the anal gland care of Teddy is very important.

    Generally speaking, the cleaning of anal glands is not easy at the beginning, so it’s better to go to the pet hospital or pet beauty salon to let professionals demonstrate it first, let them explain the key points of action, and after mastering the skills, clean the dogs regularly when bathing, so that they won’t be bothered by the smell.

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