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    It takes a lot of energy for a female dog to give birth, so the body resistance of a female dog who has just given birth to a puppy will be reduced. Therefore, at this time, the owner needs to pay more attention to the nursing work of the female dog to ensure that its body is protected from the outside world. And for postpartum mother dog care points, the owner should also do a full understanding, in order to better care for the dog.

    1. The vulva, tail, breast and other parts of the female dog shall be washed and dried with warm water, and the contaminated mattress shall be replaced and the heat preservation shall be paid attention to.

    2. The female dog becomes very fierce due to the protection of her puppies after childbirth. The female dog that has just given birth should be kept quiet for 8-24 hours. Strangers should not approach to avoid the harassment of the female dog, resulting in the neuroticism of the female dog and the consequences of biting or swallowing the puppies.

    3. The female dog who has just given birth, generally does not eat, can first feed some glucose water, 5-6 hours later add some eggs and milk, until 24 hours later formally start feeding. At this time, it’s best to feed some food with good palatability and easy digestion. In the first few days, we fed the congee like feed with rich nutrition, such as milk, eggs, meat congee, etc., with a small amount of more meals, and gradually fed the dry feed a week later.

    4. Pay attention to the breastfeeding situation of the mother dog. If the baby dog is not breastfed, find out whether it is lack of milk or sick, and take corresponding measures in time. In order to increase lactation, the female dogs with low lactation can be fed milk or pig’s hoof soup, fish soup and pig’s lung soup.

    5. Some female dogs have poor motherhood and are unwilling to take care of their puppies. They must be severely punished and forced to feed their puppies. For a female dog who doesn’t care about her puppies, you can also catch a pup deliberately and make it scream, which may wake up the maternal instinct of the dog. In addition, the puppies are not able to move properly at this time, so it is necessary to prevent the mother dog from squeezing the puppies at any time. If you hear the short shriek of the puppies, you should immediately go to see them and take out the squeezed puppies in time.

    6. Do a good job of anti freezing and warm keeping for puppies in winter. Can increase mat grass, mat material, dog nest door hang cold curtain and so on.

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