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    Dogs usually we can observe the health of dogs from their poop, so what kind of poop is healthy? What kind of changes have taken place in the poop? What should the owner pay attention to? Following will analyze it for you.

    1. The stool color of healthy dogs is generally yellow or brown, which is excreted once or three times a day. The stool has a certain degree of coagulation and wetness.

    2. Defecation is hard and less cellulose. If the dog is in pain when defecating, the defecation is hard, sometimes even in the shape of one piece, it means that the dog usually takes too little cellulose, and the intestine is not lubricated.

    3. Suspected parasite in poop. Dog laxity may be caused by temperature change. In this case, it is necessary to pay attention to the dog’s warm keeping work. Moreover, it may be due to the infection of parasites. In addition, it may be caused by indigestion and enteritis.

    4. After taking care of the dog for a long time, you should know the color of the dog’s stool. If the color of the dog’s stool changes greatly and the food is the same, you should be alert.

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