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    For dogs with severe tangles, comb the hair from the tip to the root along the growth direction of the hair with a comb or wire brush. A little bit on the point, can not be forced to comb and pull, so as to avoid causing pain or pulling off the hair. If the felt is serious, you can use scissors to cut the felt piece along the direction of the hair root, and then comb it. If you still can’t comb it, you can only cut off the part with felt.

    Don’t get wet. The fur on dogs will shrink like wool when they get wet and then dry again, and it’s impossible to comb them out at this time, so it’s a very patient work for dogs with knots that can’t get wet. Dog owners must pay 12 points of patience to deal with, as long as there is patience can open the knot. The two combs first use combs to separate the knots at the end of the hair, and then move slowly to the hair root. When you feel the hair has been combed, use the bristle comb to comb the hair smoothly. Lanolin spray is a lanolin rich lanolin spray that makes combing easier.

    Don’t make it too long. If the dog has more than one knot, or the knot is too serious, the time is not too long. Combing for no more than 10 minutes at a time, with proper rest and encouragement, will help to eliminate the dog’s resistance to struggle. Doberman and other short haired dogs immediately wipe their hair with a bath towel after bathing, which will make the hair color more bright. Pekingese dogs, Maltese dogs, pines and Afghan dogs and other long haired dogs after bathing, put the sprayer into distilled water, gently sprayed on the dog’s hair, dry will appear fluffy and bright.

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