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    Poodle can be divided into three types: standard type, mini type and toy type. The only difference between them is the size of the body. Generally speaking, the standard poodle is the healthiest of the three types. It’s not necessary to cut all the curly hairs for poodles, but it’s necessary to clean them regularly to keep them not too long. The poodle has a lively personality, a good memory, a high IQ, and is obedient. It can be engaged in all kinds of circus performances.

    The dog is versatile and can show noble behavior in any environment. In the field, the French poodle will retrieve the birds found in the water. In the circus, it has many dog fans because of its striking appearance, loyal service and positive character. Poodle dog is a kind of loyal dog, which is intelligent, lively, good-natured and easy to approach. Generally speaking, the standard poodle is the healthiest of the three types. The mini poodle is between the standard dog and toy dog, and is the most popular in the 1950s.

    Poodle is a very active, alert and elegant breed, with a good body proportion and vigorous movements, showing a confident posture. After traditional pruning and careful combing, poodle will show its unique and noble temperament. Giant Poodle: 45cm-60cm, allowing 2cm difference. The difference between the giant Poodle and the standard Poodle is only the difference in body shape.

    Personality traits: smart, responsible, easy to train, quiet and reliable. Get along with other pets: Yes. Attitude towards strangers: friendly. AKC dog population: standard, mini non sport dog group. Toy dog group. AKC: No. 5 (1997 data). Function: family companion dog. It also has the ability of guarding and guarding.

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