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    Collar: Made of leather or artificial leather, which is used to cover the neck of the dog to control its behavior. According to the use, it can be divided into general type and flea removing type. Flea removing type contains medicine. Fleas run away immediately after smelling it.
    Clean bone. A kind of product for cleaning canine teeth, which is made of hard plastic, looks like bone and has many bumps on the surface. When the dog chews, the concave convex object can produce the friction with the internal and external surfaces of the teeth and the teeth seam, so as to remove the tartar and the food residue. In order to make the dog love to bite, added the taste element. In fact, the significance of protecting teeth is the same as that of people, especially for older dogs, because of the increase of tartar and dental bacteria, it is easy to damage the tooth structure and affect chewing; at the same time, the dog’s mouth also sends out odor, and the owner is reluctant to approach. Although biting real bones can also be cleaned, there is the problem of new food residues left after cleaning. So it’s effective to clean your teeth with plastic that doesn’t decay.
    Fluffy toy: A toy with animal appearance and fluffy appearance. When the dog is at home, it can play with toys by patting and biting. Sometimes it is hoped that the owner will throw out the toy and then quickly pick it up.
    Tableware: A kind of tableware made of ceramics or metal, specially for dogs. For the sake of dog’s health, do not throw the food on the ground. Use a special container to fill it before feeding. Because domestic dogs are not resistant to bacteria, they are easy to suffer from digestive tract diseases; if there is no fixed tableware, food residues will be scattered everywhere, and more than two dogs are easy to compete for food.

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