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    German Shepherd Puppy is one of the pet dogs that is very suitable for companion. It is not only suitable for home keeping, but also suitable for working dogs. German shepherd puppy is very smart to deploy various tasks. For the training of defecation, it only needs a little guidance from the owner.

    First of all, the excretion time of German shepherd puppy generally occurs after getting up in the morning, or 30 minutes after each diet and 15 minutes after each drinking. During this time, the parents should pay close attention to the physical behavior of the dog. If the dog is found to be sniffing, walking back and forth, turning and so on in a small area, it means that the dog needs to be excreted. At this time, the parents should guide the dog to the dog toilet in time to make it excrete normally.

    Second, parents should establish a fixed dog toilet for German shepherd puppy, and then start training formally. At the beginning, parents can dip a bit of German shepherd’s urine in the newspaper and put it in a fixed dog toilet. Smart German shepherd puppy will find this place according to their urine taste. When the German shepherd puppies need to excrete, the parents should guide it to the fixed dog toilet in time, and then let it excrete normally.

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