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    In order to ensure that the dog’s body is clean and prevent bacterial infection, it is necessary to wash the dog regularly. There are many things we need to pay attention to when bathing dogs, especially for puppies. Let’s talk about the precautions for bathing your Puppy Labrador so that you can pay more attention when bathing your dog.

    1. Wash the dirty parts first: the dog’s four feet, buttocks and mouth are the parts that are easy to be dirty on the body. Before washing the whole body with bath solution, wash these parts with bath milk first. Then wash the whole body with bath fluid again, so that the whole body of the dog will be very clean after washing. There will be no place like dog’s feet and buttocks after washing, and other places are not the same color.

    2. Trim the hair around the poop: when washing the poop for the dog, wash the hair around the anus with soap, and check whether there are long hairs that are easy to stick to the poop. Most dogs are good in the shower, and it’s easy to trim when the hair around their buttocks is wet. So you can trim it at this time, but be careful not to cut the meat around the anus.

    3. dry cleaning method: for dogs who do not love to bathe, you can take a bottle to dilute the bath liquid first, then sprinkle the diluted bath liquid onto the dog’s body and rub the foam when the dog’s hair is dry. It’s a bit like we go to the hair salon to dry clean hair. In this way, the dog only rushing water once it rinse the foam, so it reduces its chance to compete with you. However, this method is not suitable for a dog with large size and thick fur, because the thin liquid you wash is absorbed by the thick fur that has been dried at once. You need to use a lot of bubbles to make the foam. Therefore, it is better to wash this kind of dog or wet the wool first.

    4. Wash the dog’s mouth: if it’s a flat mouth dog, such as Pekingese or Bulldogs, it’s better not to use water directly on its face, because these dogs have a short nasal cavity, and the dog doesn’t know how to hold his breath, so it’s easy for the water to enter the nose to make it very uncomfortable. You can scrub his face with a wet towel soaked in water. For dogs with long faces, it’s not easy to wash their faces. Even a good dog is resistant to washing his face. When washing their faces, the key is to fix their faces with their hands and don’t let them hide. As shown in the figure, hold his mouth with one hand, use a little force to make him feel that you have more power than him, and then use the other hand to hold the nozzle to flush the side of his face, so that the water flows down the middle of the dog’s eyes and nose, so as not to wet his eyes or let the water enter his nose. Then change it over and go to the other side.

    5. Prepare some toilet paper or small dry towels: This is very necessary. Because it’s easy to splash water into the dog’s eyes when bathing. When washing his head, he will also bury his head and let the water flow down his nose. I think his eyes will close when he buries his head and bears the water rushing to the top of his head. In other times, his eyes will always open. Use toilet paper and small dry towels to wipe the water off your eyes and nose in time. The dog will be happy. Personally, I prefer to wipe it with a large group of toilet paper, because the toilet paper has a strong water absorption capacity, and can be thrown away without using it, which is easier than using a towel.

    6. Put a cotton ball in the dog’s ear. Water in the dog’s ear may cause ear inflammation. Before taking a bath, rub two cotton balls that are slightly larger than the eye of the ear and put them in the dog’s ear. In this way, the water flowing into the dog’s ear will be blocked by the cotton ball. To help the dog bathe, first of all, you should choose a proper bath milk, and do not use the bath milk to help them bathe. When bathing, do not let water flow into their ears and eyes, so as to avoid infection. After bathing, be sure to dry it completely.

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