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    Dogs should not only pay attention to the fact that the water cannot flow into the nose to prevent choking when bathing, but also keep the puppies warm when bathing. If you want your puppies to grow up healthily and beautifully, you need to pay great attention to the precautions for bathing.

    1. To comb the coat. Before taking a bath, you must comb the coat first, so that the tangled hairs can be combed, and the tangled hairs can be prevented from becoming more serious; you can also remove large pieces of dirt, and then wash them. Especially around the mouth, behind the ears, under the armpit, inside the thigh, toe tip, etc., the parts that the dog is most reluctant to let people comb should be combed clean. When combing, in order to reduce and avoid the dog’s pain, you can hold the root of the hair with one hand and comb with the other hand.

    2. Rinse thoroughly. When taking a bath, be sure to prevent the shampoo from flowing into the dog’s eyes or ears. Wash thoroughly, do not leave soap or shampoo on the dog to prevent skin irritation.

    3. It is better to wash the puppies in the morning than in the morning or at noon. Do not wash the puppies in the wet or rainy days. After washing, it should be dried immediately with a hair dryer or towel. Do not dry the dog in the sun after bathing.

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