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    People love beauty, so do Alaskan sled dogs. Many parents advocate to bathe and trim their dogs, but for a large dog, the beautician in the pet shop may not be able to do it, let alone the parents who know nothing about pet beauty? So in the cold winter for the Alaskan sled dog beauty needs to pay attention to what problems?

    1. Do not bathe frequently. Alaskan sled dogs do not need to bathe every day, because the sebum secretion of Alaskan sled dogs is lower than that of human beings. Frequent bathing will not only wash off the sebum protecting the skin, but also increase the chance of Alaskan sled dogs suffering from skin diseases. The owner should not be greedy for the convenience of using human shampoo, because the alkaline nature of human shampoo is too strong, which will also affect the sebum secretion of Alaskan sled dogs. If Alaskan sled dogs are used to cold bath since childhood, it is healthy, but for puppies and Alaskan sled dogs who are not used to “wash cold water”, they will easily get cold.

    2. The coat of Alaskan sleigh dogs should not be cut too short. In cold winter, the coat of Alaskan sleigh dogs should not be cut too short. If the coat is cut too thin, Alaskan sleigh dogs will lose the natural cold barrier. Even if they are dressed, it is difficult to keep warm.

    3. no perfume can be sprayed on people. The smell of Alaska sled dogs can be very strong. Especially in winter, they may get worse if they take a little bath. But the owner should not be able to avoid the smell of human perfume, because the high alcohol content of human perfume will stimulate the skin of Alaska sled dogs, which may seriously cause Alaska sled dogs to suffer from skin diseases.

    Because the temperature of pet dog in winter is very low, especially cold, so the care of Alaskan sled dog is not so good. But in any case, the care of the owners should be done well, which is for the health of Alaskan sled dogs. If the owners don’t do the care for Alaskan sled dogs in winter, it will directly affect the health of Alaskan sled dogs.

    Alaskan sled dogs raised outdoors don’t need frequent nail clippers, and they will rub their nails. Alaskan sled dogs raised indoors need to have their nails clipped regularly, especially wolf claws. Too long nails will affect their walking.

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