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    Teddy puppies begin to wean about six weeks after birth. At this time, there should be a fixed feeding time to develop good eating habits. If puppies generally eat less and eat more, they can be divided into 7:00 in the morning, 12:00 in the noon, 5:00 in the afternoon and 10:00 in the evening. The pup to adult phase is very important and may affect Teddy’s life.

    Food suitable for puppies: 1. Special food for puppies, such as dog food and canned food. 2. Calcium: supplement calcium products with high natural content, such as super calcium, to promote bone and tooth development of puppies. 3.Milk powder for puppies: there is special milk powder for puppies and goats. 4. Yolk: the advantages of yolk are not only rich in protein, but also easy to digest and absorb vitamin A, calcium and minerals. 5. Vitamins and minerals: for puppies with poor physique, consider adding some vitamins and minerals. 6. Meat: Although cattle, pigs, chicken, etc. are good food, it is advisable to choose the part without fat when feeding puppies, because fat is easy to deteriorate. But to feed cooked, do not feed raw meat.

    Food not suitable for puppies: 1. Frozen milk. 2. Meat containing a lot of fat. 3. Acid, spicy, salty and other irritant food. 4. Small bones: large and medium-sized puppies can be fed with large bones rich in calcium. Never feed chicken, fish, duck bones, etc. 5. Generally speaking, pastries do not need to be fed to dogs. (6) chicken liver, etc. do not feed the internal organs of poultry. 7. Chocolate.

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