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    Due to the current dogs are usually more pampered, so the physical fitness is relatively poor. Therefore, it may be difficult for some dogs to give birth smoothly, so some owners will choose to take them for caesarean section for the safety of dogs and puppies. Of course, there are a lot of things to pay attention to for the dog’s caesarean section. Following will introduce the precautions for the dog’s caesarean section.

    1. Do not feed the dog within 12 hours before the operation, because anesthesia is needed during the operation. If the dog eats, if vomiting occurs, it will hinder the dog’s breathing and cause life risk.

    2. During the operation, we usually use supine and ligation to fix the dog’s head. In the operation, we should not only increase the dose of drugs to improve the anesthesia effect, but also strengthen Baoding and other measures to improve the anesthesia effect, because the increase of some drugs dose is not good for deepening the depth of anesthesia, instead, it prolongs the anesthesia and recovery time.

    3. After the caesarean section, if the dog wakes up, can stand and walk, and has a good mental condition, it only needs routine anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and nursing; if the anesthesia is too deep and the recovery time is long, it should be injected with wake-up spirit, and the dog in serious condition should be strengthened and rehydrated; if the dog’s physical condition is poor, the dystocia time is long, the uterine contraction is slow, and there is tissue necrosis in the uterus, especially fetal and fetal membrane corruption When a large amount of gas is produced, sepsis and shock should be prevented. A small amount of oxytocin can be used in combination with infusion, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, acid-base electrolyte balance adjustment and anti shock.

    Generally speaking, after the caesarean operation, the female dog needs to be infused for 3 days for anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment, and observe the wound healing degree, and apply tincture of iodine on the wound every day until the wound grows well.

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