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    The dog’s collar was originally used to pull the dog, but with the current needs of people, the dog collar is also made more and more beautiful, various styles. When owners use collars for dogs, they also need to pay attention to several aspects.

    1. According to the collar material. There are leather, nylon and iron collars. Choose the right length collar according to the width of the dog’s neck. After wearing the collar, the dog should be comfortable and can’t hold the fur.

    2. Leave a gap in the collar. The collar should not be fastened too tightly, and it should be easy to insert two fingers after the collar is fastened. Remember to leave two finger wide gaps between the collar and the dog’s neck, or the dog will be uncomfortable if it is too tight.

    3. Precautions for puppies. Long haired dogs should not wear collars for a long time, so as to prevent the hair of the neck part from being compacted, losing the original rich feeling and affecting the aesthetic feeling.

    4. Suitable for most dogs. The collar is suitable for most dogs. The neck of the dog is a relatively weak place. When you pull the leash closer, the stimulation of the collar on the neck of the dog can well control the dog’s behavior.

    5. Precautions for wearing. The collar should not be worn too tightly, which will compress the dog’s thick hair or the dog’s windpipe. Sometimes if it pulls you forward with mischievous force, the windpipe will be compressed.

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