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    Compared with the hot summer, autumn brings a cool, but due to the large temperature difference between day and night in autumn, the dog may encounter a cold and catch cold if you are not careful, so you must pay more attention to the dog’s body in autumn. So let’s come down to find out what we should pay attention to in autumn.

    1. Recovery of physical strength: after the hot summer, the dog ‘s fatigue will begin to show. Under the change of temperature, it is easy to damage the physical condition. Moreover, the dog’ s appetite will increase after the temperature cools down. Mainly for a large amount of nutrition, ready to meet the cold winter.

    2. Increased exercise: when dogs come from summer to autumn, they tend to have spirit and appetite. Therefore, we should increase the amount of daily exercise.

    3. Finishing the body hair: the summer hair starts to fall off, and the autumn hair begins to grow. In order to prepare for the winter dog to grow a short layer of dense hair at this time, the blood runs faster, so it is necessary to promote the growth of winter hair.

    4. Easy to catch cold: in the autumn when the climate changes violently, it is most likely to be confused. Therefore, after bathing, special attention must be paid to thoroughly dry the water and keep it warm, so as to prevent confusion.

    5. Breeding and mating: autumn is the second breeding season of the year. According to the physiological characteristics of dogs in autumn, it is necessary to prevent random mating and loss.

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