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    Dog sports pet dog is different from stray dog and free dog. Many pet dogs are confined to indoor or yard, so there is not enough space to exercise. We all know that proper exercise is good for the dog’s physical and mental health, so as the owner, you must take the dog to exercise, but there are also some precautions for exercise, otherwise it is easy to cause adverse effects.
    1. Make enough preparations for going out. Be sure to prepare clean drinking water to prevent the dog from thirst. Be sure to bring a hauling rope to avoid many dangers and troubles.
    2. Since you have taken your dog out of the house, you should give your dog enough time to exercise. Generally, the exercise time of dogs is based on their body shape. It is better for small dogs to be controlled at about 15 minutes a day, medium dogs to be controlled at about 30 minutes a day, and large dogs to be controlled at about 1 hour a day. So we must be able to ensure the dog’s exercise.
    3. Pay attention to exercise time, preferably in the morning or in the evening when the weather is not too hot. Also pay attention not to take the dog to exercise just after eating, it is easy to have digestive problems. In the same way, don’t take the dog out when he is hungry. He will eat unclean things or even be poisoned outside.
    4. Don’t only take the dog to do a single sport, understand the characteristics of the dog, so as to choose the right sport. Walking, jogging, mountain climbing, throwing the ball and frisbee and other sports can take the dog to try.
    5. Don’t put the dog in a windy place after the exercise. The dog just finished the exercise will catch cold easily.
    6. Don’t take a bath immediately after going out for exercise. Wait for the dog to calm down before taking a bath. If it’s raining, take a hot bath as soon as possible, or the dog will catch cold.

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