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    It’s hard to get rid of the hot and dry weather in summer when you can put on your dog’s conspicuous clothes at night, especially when you have a dog with a thick coat. The night is often a cool time of the day, and many people also like to come out at night to cool down and chat with old friends. And the dog’s friends will take the dog out for a walk to eliminate the hot and dry day, and also let the dog do sports to enhance the dog’s physical fitness. Although the dog’s night vision ability is better than us, we should take appropriate measures to ensure the dog’s safety. As the summer’s recuperation is quite spicy, if you exercise early, the waste heat on the ground may not be removed, and it is not good for the dog’s feet, so it is also scientific to properly adjust the dog walking time. Avoid the hot sun, was baked hot feet of asphalt pavement is also gradually cooling down, very suitable for going out. However, the visibility is low after dark, which is easy to cause accidents. Pay more attention to the owners in some dangerous areas.

    Dangerous area at night
    1. Around the car. Around the car that is about to start, is very dangerous for the dog. The small dog is too close to the car, especially in the front or rear, and enters the driver’s blind area. The driver can’t tell where the dog is from the mirror or rearview mirror, and the visibility at night is so low, and the night vision ability of people is not as good as that of dogs, so it is easy to crush the dog by car, so try to stay away from the private car.
    2. The roadside is a very noticeable place at night. The sound of the whistle outside is likely to frighten the dog. In case the owner doesn’t pay attention to the leash and the dog rushes into the middle of the road, the attack on the dog is undoubtedly devastating. The garden with more exits and dim lights is not a good place for walking dogs, especially for puppies. They can’t understand the master’s instructions. Driven by curiosity, they turn a deaf ear to the master’s call and are easy to lose. Because of the low visibility, it is difficult to find them.
    3. It’s better to wear it conspicuously. Don’t walk your dog on the road, lake and other places. Dogs have better night vision than us, so even if we walk by the lake, we will not fall down, but our visibility at night is not high, so we may be more dangerous than dogs. Therefore, for the sake of their own and dog’s safety, the lake is not a good place for dog walking.

    Although it is expressly stipulated in some cities that the dog must be taken out with a leash, there are still many owners who think that if the dog stays at home for a day and can’t run freely, it’s really wrong, but this idea is better not to have, especially when walking the dog at night. The leash is undoubtedly a lifeline for dogs. Walking the dog at night requires extra care, so it is necessary to prepare a reflective traction belt. The surface of the strap of the traction belt is pasted with super reflective material, which can reflect strongly when encountering strong light of the car, reminding the driver to be careful of pets. Besides the reflective traction belt, the flashlight is also a good device, because the dog may be interested in the light from the flashlight, we can use this to guide the dog.

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