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    There are not a few friends who have to walk the dog at night because of work problems. The dog’s night vision ability is much better than ours, so in general, even walking the dog at night will not have much security risks. In addition to dogs, we should pay more attention to our own safety and pay more attention to the surrounding environment changes.

    1. Bring a flashlight. We can prepare a flashlight or wear a hat with a light when walking the dog in the evening. Although we are happy, we can spare one hand. After all, two hands are more convenient than one hand.
    2. Dog: it’s believed that few people don’t wear traction rope when walking the dog at night for clothes with fluorescent stripes or luminous ornaments, so the probability of losing the dog is relatively small. However, in case of emergency, some preventive measures should be taken. You can buy fluorescent collars and leashes, or you can put on shiny trinkets for dogs. In this way, we can know the dog’s movements even at night. No more, we can sew some luminous things on the dog’s clothes for our observation. In fact, choosing the right place at night is more for our safety. After all, compared with us, dogs have better night vision ability. Because their pupils are bigger, they can receive more light. In addition, there are more rod cells in their retina (the retina is a membrane behind the eyes, which can make light pass through and transmit it to the brain as a signal). Compared with human beings, this is specially designed for dogs with insufficient light.
    3. Pay more attention to the surrounding environment and the safety of dogs. There is a reflective pigment layer on the back of their retina. This ingenious structure can reflect light back, which is why when we shine a flashlight on a dog’s eyes, we feel that their eyes will glow. Because light is reflected through the retina, there is double light that stimulates the rod cells, so in theory they can see twice the actual brightness. However, if dogs suffer from eye disease, their visual ability will be much worse. At this time, try to choose more street lights and more frequent places to walk the dog.
    4. Pay more attention to the surrounding movement. Before we mentioned that there are not a few people walking dogs at night, so we can still see many people and strange dogs on the road. If your dog is easy to be nervous, then we must take good care of your dog to ensure that they are within their own sight range. In addition, pay attention to pedestrians on the road, such as those jogging on the road and cyclists. If there are more people, they may not care about your dog and hit them. Pay attention to the potholes and other things on the road: pay attention to the broken glass and other sharp objects, which may hurt the dog’s feet (although they can hardly be seen at night), so try to walk in a place with enough light. Lively dogs may try to jump over fences, and they may not be able to predict the depth and descent of the other side of the wall, or other dangerous things. So when the visibility is low, we must take good care of the dog to avoid some unnecessary risks.

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