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    As soon as the dog in winter, many beautiful girls pay special attention to their beauty care, but we should not forget that we should also pay attention to the dog. Pet winter beauty is a knowledge that can not be ignored, at this time we need to pay attention to many problems. So let’s talk about the precautions of dog’s winter beauty.

    1. In winter, the weather is dry. It’s not only our scalp is prone to dry, which causes dandruff problems, but also dogs. In addition, the area of peeling is not limited to the head but the whole body. In serious cases, dogs will walk and “shed skin” at the same time, which has a certain impact on the image of dogs. To prevent the dog from peeling, the owner should start with the daily bath. When the owner bathes the dog, he should choose a kind of moistening hair washing water, and then add a hair protecting element to clean and dry the dog’s hair. The owner should use a strong wind blower to dry the dog’s hair. They should not be allowed to dry the hair by themselves, so as not to be accidentally exposed. When using the air duct, pay attention to the use of warm air, and do not stop before it is completely dried, which may make the dog’s dandruff more serious.

    2. Ear cleanser cleans the ear canal. The ears of dogs need to be kept clean. Many owners are afraid to help their dogs pull out their ears for fear that they may poke the eardrum of dogs. However, we don’t need to worry about this problem because the ear canal of dogs is L-shaped, so even if we extend it to the end, we won’t touch the eardrum of dogs.

    3. Don’t think the dog’s foot board is invisible all day long. Don’t pay attention to it. If the dog’s toenails and toes are too long, it will not only affect the appearance, but also be dangerous when walking. Because the toes are too long, it will be unstable and easy to slip.

    4. Toenail clipper: if people cut their nails too close to the meat, they will bleed. The same is true for dogs, because there are blood vessels and nerve lines in their toenails near the meat. Therefore, when the owner cuts the toenail for the dog, he can only cut the white part. If he accidentally cuts the pink part to cause bleeding, he should use hemostatic powder to stop the bleeding for the dog. In addition, it’s better to file the nail for the dog after cutting his toenails, so that the dog won’t accidentally scratch himself and his owner.

    5. Grooming: we should help dogs clean their feet and belly bottom hair, and properly trim the hair around their buttocks, so as to avoid touching the coat and dirtying the dogs during defecation.

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