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    Bathing is a familiar thing for people, but many people simply ignore the dog’s psychology, only know that it’s OK after the bath is clean, and the dog is also afraid of cold, especially in winter, can you use cold water or warm water to bathe him without shaking? Try to use cold water or warm water to bathe yourself in winter.

    Many readers have reported that dogs do not sleep at night after taking a bath at noon, and they gasp loudly. Why is that? Don’t even eat? Do they have a cold?

    Experts say that dogs may have a cold. It’s easy to catch cold when bathing in winter. The temperature of the bath water must be well controlled. After washing, it must be dried with a hair dryer. You can give them some cold medicine that people take, such as VC tablets. The dosage must be halved. You can’t go to the pet hospital any more , we must find a regular one, because many pet hospitals are not regular now.

    In winter, dogs should pay attention to bathing. If they can’t get well, they will catch a cold. A cold may cause other diseases. It’s recommended to wash dogs twice a month in winter. It may be frozen. Can you see if their nose is very dry? If so, with a big gasp, they should have a fever. If you have a fever, give him a quarter of the antipyretic pills that people take, or a half bag of water with cephalosporin or isatis root. It’s better to take them according to the dosage. Don’t worry about going to the pet hospital.

    Post bath care for dogs:
    1. Dry the dogs, especially the chest and stomach, with towels as much as possible. The dogs in this place have no hair and are very easy to catch cold. At present, there are two kinds of water absorbent towels on the market, one is Korean product, soft, like a towel, girls can use it to dry after washing their hair, the way of use is the same as ordinary towels. The other is artificial suede, which is packed in a plastic cylinder. This kind of thing is exactly the same as that used for car washing, but it costs at least ten yuan to sell in a pet shop. Artificial suede must be wrung dry after use, and then put back into the original packaging, cut not to dry, otherwise it will be too hard to use next time.

    2. Blowing process. First, turn on the air blower and blow it for about half a minute. Don’t blow the dog directly. First, the wind is cold. Second, the dog will be scared if he hasn’t adapted to the sound. There are a lot of dogs that are honest to bathe, but don’t let the hair dryer. Blow dry the dog’s stomach and chest first. If the two places are dry, you won’t have diarrhea. Then it’s the back and neck, and then the head is almost dry.

    3. Tips for dogs that don’t let the hair blow. It’s tied around the dog’s neck. It doesn’t need to be tightly tightened. In this way, it will be more obedient if it thinks it’s tied.

    It’s better to dredge the hair before bathing, so that deep cleaning can be done thoroughly when bathing. If you are taking a bath in a pet shop in winter and you are worried about getting cold, you can suggest that the assistant let the dog dry in the oven, which can neither get cold nor dry the hair. About 7 or 8 layers can be taken out when they are dry. Use a small hair dryer to blow and comb at the same time.

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