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    There is a big difference between Doberman puppies and adult puppies. The body structure of puppies is not well developed, and the body function is very fragile, so we need to be more careful when feeding. Doberman puppies have too many things to eat. The food they eat must be highly nutritious and easy to absorb and digest. In this way, it will not cause the burden on the stomach and intestines of puppies and will not affect their normal growth.

    Before 2 months old, Doberman puppies mainly obtain the nutrients needed for their growth through breastfeeding. They can be weaned at about 45 days. Parents can choose to finish the weaning process at about 7-10 days, and then let them slowly adapt to the puppies’ food. At the beginning of feeding, any hard food should be soaked first and then fed. For example, professional puppy dog food needs to be soaked in professional pet milk powder for feeding. With the growth of puppies, the improvement of body functions. Parents can gradually change the feeding method of immersion, try to prepare puppy food directly for dogs, and then feed it with pet milk powder.

    In addition, it should be noted that from this time on, parents can adjust their eating habits if they want Doberman to develop good living habits. Prepare professional dog food for Doberman to match with other fresh vegetables, meat and other food. Reasonable food collocation, regular and quantitative feeding every day, to avoid Doberman dogs grow up to develop the bad habit of pickiness and refusal to eat.

    In order to ensure that Doberman puppies can grow healthily and have enough nutrients to maintain the growth of the body, parents can add some vitamins, calcium powder and other nutrients in the dog’s food to adjust and balance the nutrition of the food, and also ensure that Doberman puppies have comprehensive nutrition and healthy growth.

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