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    Do not often eat canned dog food, compared to dog food, dog can taste more delicious, so from the degree of preference, dog can is more favored by dogs. However, canned dogs are not suitable for feeding as staple food, so it doesn’t matter if they are fed occasionally, but don’t eat for a long time. Most dogs can be easily digested, and there is generally no problem in safety.
    Moreover, some canned dogs are rich in water, which is more suitable for dogs who are on fire and anorexic, and can properly improve the problem of constipation. Dog food is not without nutrition, but its nutrition is not very balanced. So it’s not very helpful for developing dogs, and it’s not recommended for puppies to be fed too much.
    Generally speaking, it is recommended to feed all the canned dogs after opening the lid. It is not recommended to eat them twice. Do not expose the open dog can to direct sunlight, do not put it in a place with high temperature and humidity, and try to put it in a cool and dry place. Canned dogs can be fed directly or together with dog food, usually to improve the situation of dogs not eating dog food. In addition to nutrition, dog food is not suitable for long-term feeding because it is not conducive to the dog’s oral health. Soft food is easy to remain in the dog’s mouth. If it is not cleaned in time, it will cause bad breath, which will lead to serious calculus. So it’s OK to feed the dog cans occasionally.

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