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    An old dog is an old dog when it has accompanied you through three quarters of its life expectancy. At this time, the remaining quarter of its life is more in need of the owner’s double care. Especially in the aspect of dog food feeding, so let’s take a look at the precautions for elderly dogs to spend the last period of time.
    1. When the dog enters the old age, its activity will be relatively reduced like that of human beings, so you must pay attention to the weight of the dog. If you still feed the dog food with high calories, the dog may be overweight. Maintaining weight is especially important for older dogs, as obesity increases stress on the heart, lungs, muscles and joints. Its life span may be shortened as a result, so pay attention to the dog’s weight when feeding.
    2. As the dog grows older, its digestive system will gradually decline. In fact, old dogs use protein in the same way as when they were young, but old dogs need more protein, about 50% more. So choose foods rich in protein, or eat less and eat more. In addition to protein rich, delicious and easy to digest, it is also the best choice for elderly dogs.
    3. Dogs will be accompanied by some diseases when they are old. So we should also change the food according to the dog’s own physical condition. For example, dogs with kidney disease should reduce the intake of phosphorus and protein. If they suffer from heart disease, they should eat less salt. If you have these diseases, it’s best to follow the veterinarian’s advice to change your dog’s diet or just eat the special food provided by your doctor.
    4. Also pay attention to provide enough water for dogs and pay attention to the amount of drinking water for dogs. If the amount of drinking water suddenly increases, you need to see a doctor, which may be a sign of kidney disease or diabetes.

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