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    The water temperature of milk powder should not be too high. Although not all dogs will have diarrhea after drinking human milk powder, in order to avoid discomfort, especially for puppies, it is better to prepare special puppies goat milk powder. Also pay attention to the related problems during feeding. Generally, do not change milk powder easily. On the one hand, it is because the time for dogs to drink milk powder is not very long, and it is wasteful to buy too much milk powder. On the other hand, because the dog may have just adapted to the change, it may cause intestinal discomfort. Use warm boiled water for brewing milk powder. Do not use hot boiled water to avoid nutrient loss.
    In addition, we should pay attention to the fact that milk powder is only a nutritious product and can not be used as a main food to feed, and can not meet the nutritional needs of dogs when feeding alone. At first, only milk powder was fed for a period of time because the dog’s development was not complete, so it was unable to eat indigestible food. However, as the dog grows older, the digestive system will gradually improve, so that he can slowly feed food other than milk powder. It’s just that at the beginning, in order to make the dog adapt, it’s better to feed soft food, which is why the dog food should be soaked in soft food at the beginning. At the beginning of feeding milk powder, it can be fed about 3 times a day, then gradually reduce and slowly add other food, so that the dog has a process of adaptation. In a word, the food should not change too fast, so as not to cause intestinal discomfort, or dogs are more likely to be attacked by the virus.

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