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    Many people like Labrador dogs very much, but when they come to the market excitedly, they are at a loss. How to choose? How to make sure that you buy a healthy baby? And so on these problems will become trouble. Following will talk with you about the precautions when buying a new puppy.

    1. Dogs’ health status is mainly judged by their mental state, diet and appearance. A healthy dog has a quick reaction, flexible eyes and full of spirit. If you touch the tail of the dog gently, you will turn your head immediately. You can move with a sense of speed. It seems that you can understand when you hear people talking. Healthy dogs eat fast and excited, eye conjunctiva is pink, eyes are bright without tears, no secretion, nose is wet, hands feel cool, mouth is not tongue coating, tongue is pink, skin elasticity is good, coat is smooth and shiny. When choosing a dog, you should also pay attention to whether it is a blind dog. The judgment method is to poke the dog’s eyes unexpectedly. If you don’t blink, you may be a blind dog. In addition, proof of vaccination and deworming should be obtained when purchasing dogs.

    2. Dog character. First of all, we should judge the courage of the dog. We can do a simple test. Put the dog on the table, and people clap their hands unexpectedly. If the dog is indifferent and stands quietly on the table, it means that it is a qualified dog. If it shrinks into a group on the table and keeps shaking, it means that the dog is timid. Secondly, when purchasing a dog, it is necessary to determine whether it will bite later. Gently pull the dog’s ears or tail. If it shouts, wrinkles will be squeezed out on its nose, the back hair will stand straight, and the eyes will emit fierce light, it is very neurotic, and it is likely to become a fierce dog in the future. Throw out the dog’s favorite food, immediately jump over the obedient dog, and pretend to turn a blind eye in front of you. The dog you turn around to eat must be very insidious. In addition, it is also very important to observe the performance of puppies with dogs in the same nest. The bossy puppies tend to be more confident in adulthood, while the timid puppies are less timid in adulthood.

    3. After deciding the breed to be raised, we should know the appearance standard, living habits and reproductive characteristics of the breed. If the puppies are purchased from the market, in addition to visual observation, the pedigree certificate shall also be requested from the seller; if the puppies are purchased from the breeding ground and the home owner, the condition of their parents and the characteristics of the breed shall also be determined. For more expensive varieties, it is best to buy from a regular breeding farm. If you feel that you are not sure, you can consult relevant experts.

    4. Dog’s age. When selecting puppies, we should also determine their age, mainly based on the dog’s tooth growth, wear degree, color, etc.

    5. Whether you are ready for material and psychological preparation: 1. Whether you are ready for the necessary items for raising dogs. 2. Whether they are ready to take care of them, whether they are poor, rich or ill.

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