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    Many owners will keep large dogs outdoors. Although it can avoid serious hair loss at home, there are still many problems for outdoor dogs to pay attention to. Following will tell you one by one.

    1. To ensure the dog’s nutrition. First of all, food should be given to the dog with balanced nutrition. In order to survive in bad weather conditions, it is necessary to maintain nutrition balance, accumulate physical strength and enhance the resistance to diseases. Therefore, leftovers and self-made food can not meet the needs of dogs at all. The most suitable food is dog food.

    2. In the hot summer, if there is no shade, the dog will suffer from heat radiation disease. Humidity and high temperature will increase fleas, lice and mosquitoes. Eaves can keep out wind and rain. In early spring, dog hair is often wet, which can lead to an acute eczema skin disease.

    3. Pay attention to dog chain accidents. Dogs living outdoors may have accidents due to dog chain. For example, he was strangled by the chain, or he was confined to death by the chain and could not move, suffering from heat stroke (heatstroke), or he broke the chain and ran out to have a traffic accident.

    4. Pay attention to the length of dog chain. However, the worst way is to leave the chain and let it go freely. Therefore, the dog should be chained. In the range of the length of the chain, there should be no trees or other things besides sports equipment. The length of the chain should also be selected according to the size of the dog.

    5. It is easy to breed fleas in the outdoor environment, which makes dogs suffer from skin diseases, parasitosis and other diseases. If possible, brush the dog’s hair every day and thoroughly clean the whole body once a month. In addition, discuss with the veterinarian to bring a proper flea elimination collar to the dog, so as to completely eliminate fleas.

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