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    Dachshund originated in Germany, is lively and cheerful, brave and cautious, very happy. Easy to train, loyal to the host, and wary of strangers. Energetic, independent and easy to raise. So what are the problems that need attention in breeding?

    1. In the process of raising dachshunds, dog food must be the main food, because dogs need to breastfeed when they are very young, and they can choose professional dog food for feeding in a certain period of time. An eight week old dog can be fed four times a day. It can be reduced to twice by adulthood.
    2. Dachshunds also need some medical care when they are young. They must be vaccinated, treated with insect repellent, combed their hair frequently and can’t be kept at home all day. If parents need to go to work every day, they need someone to care for them. So it’s more convenient to feed dog food. You can block some homemade dog food and bring bad effects to dogs.
    3. In terms of sports, we must meet the dog’s activity volume. We should take a walk at least twice a day, at least 20 minutes at a time. And after coming back, parents must not forget to clean the dust and sludge on the dog’s body. They can use wet towel to wipe the dog’s body and keep the coat clean.
    4. Daily training is also very important. It must be carried out in puppies, and there must be clear rewards and punishments. At the time of making mistakes, it should be pointed out that this is very important. For training dachshunds, it is really very important.
    5. Let’s talk about the daily beauty of dachshund, its daily beauty care is very simple, as long as you can help it clean the stains and mud on its body every day. Of course, don’t forget to use boric acid water to clean its ears and eyes every day, and also regularly trim its nails.

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