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    When it comes to Doberman dogs, we will think of their alertness and majesty. This kind of dog was once used as a police dog by human beings, and now it is widely used as a companion dog by many people. Many owners may have a simple purpose at the beginning of raising, just to protect their homes, but after a long time of raising, we know that this kind of seemingly dignified dog has its unique gentle side to treat its owners. Following will tell you the main points of raising Doberman dogs with good obedience.

    1. Ensure the amount of exercise. Doberman is a herding dog and likes to exercise, so the family should ensure that it has sufficient amount of exercise. This kind of active dog likes playing and catching games very much. They are generally friendly to children and other pets.

    2. The Doberman is strong, energetic, cheerful, excitable and a little neurotic, sensitive, arrogant, loyal to the owner, and suspicious of strangers. It is better not to change the new owner in the middle, otherwise it is not easy to follow the command of the new owner in a long period of time.

    3. Training from puppies. Doberman often barks. In puppies, they should be trained so that they can form the habit of not barking at random. In addition, they should also be trained to damage household objects without claws and pay attention to hygiene, like cleaning, regular defecation and other habits.

    4. Sanitation and cleaning. Feed and water must be clean and sanitary. Tableware such as pet and dog food basin should be washed and cleaned in time, and disinfected regularly to prevent infection due to unhealthy diet. The feeding temperature should not be higher than the dog’s body temperature, otherwise it will burn the digestive organs of the mouth.

    5. Feed and matching. Doberman dogs must have 250-300 grams of meat per day, plus the same amount of plain food or biscuits. Both meat and dry ingredients should be cooked, chopped, and then mixed with a small amount of water before feeding. Drinking water should be fed 2-3 times a day. A small amount of salt can be added to the food to increase the taste of the food.

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