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    Winter temperature drop, for the dog the probability of catching a cold will rise, if the cold and lead to physical decline, will be more vulnerable to the virus, so the winter for the dog health care is very important. So let’s learn about the precautions for raising German shepherd dogs in winter, and hope to give some help to the owners.

    1. We must keep a regular and scientific way of life. In the cold winter weather, we just want to stay in warm quilts. It’s the same for German shepherd dogs. When it’s cold, they don’t like to move. As a master, we must guide the German Shepherd to exercise enough, not to let him lie in the dog’s Kennel all the time. When the sun is warm, it is necessary to take him out for a walk, a walk and a run. At the same time, it should be regular to feed German herdsmen in winter. Feed regularly and quantitatively every day, pay attention to the supply of protein, fat, vitamin and other nutrients. To provide more energy for German shepherds and enhance their ability to resist the cold.

    2. Pay attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation. This is very simple. For example, prepare a thick and warm cotton sleeping pad for German animal husbandry, transfer the dog’s Kennel from the outdoor to the warm indoor, do not go out in cold days or wear cold proof clothes for the dog before going out, do not stay outside in cold days, etc. These are some effective measures to prevent cold and keep warm, which are worthy of parents’ attention. Also, it is necessary to remember that such items as cotton pads need to be sun washed regularly to avoid bacteria.

    3. In the winter of life care, you should also comb the hair for De Mu at least once a day. You should also pay attention to cleaning the eyes and ears for German Shepherd. Of course, bathing is not too frequent. According to the specific situation of the body of the German shepherd dog, it is OK to bathe it once every 2-3 weeks. The German Shepherd should be bathed in a warm room. After bathing, the wet hair must be dried with a hair dryer.

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