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    In order to make the shape of the dog closer to what they want, many owners will shave Pomeranian at home. However, because many owners only pay attention to their own needs and completely ignore the influence of hair on the dog, many dogs have all kinds of unexpected situations.

    In many people’s opinion, too thick and too long hair will make dogs feel hot. Shaving can help them cool down. For dogs, they will adjust to the change of seasons by shedding their hair. If the dog’s hair is shaved too much in summer, they may be sunburned by too strong sunlight, and some dogs’ skin will appear red and swollen. In fact, the right amount of hair will not only make the dog feel sultry, but also play a role in heat insulation. For novice owners, we suggest that you don’t groom your dog at home, because it’s not easy to get a proper shape for Pomeranian, and it’s difficult for novice owners to control their dog’s behavior. Shaving may turn into an accident that may hurt the dog. In addition, it is not uncommon for dogs to feel inferior because they are not satisfied with the shape. They will not listen to the call of their owners, hide in the corner or the place they cannot see.

    If the owner has experienced a hundred times practice or has been instructed by an expert, you can try shaving the dog, but do not “cut it with one knife” when shaving. When you feel that you cannot master how much hair you want to keep, you may as well repair it a little bit and leave a little room for yourself, so as to avoid the situation that the hair is shaved and cannot be turned back. The owner who cuts the dog’s hair at home should pay attention to combing the dog’s hair before cutting it, and taking a bath after cutting it. In the process of hair cutting, the owner can also observe whether there is parasite or skin disease on the dog. If the parasite is found on the dog, the owner shall give the dog an insect repellent. If it is suspected that the dog has skin disease, the owner shall take the dog to the pet hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

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