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    Are you ready for the spot dog’s trip? Only with proper consideration and thorough preparation can we successfully complete a journey with dogs.

    1. Dog sitting in the copilot: Many owners love dogs, close relatives and babies, so it’s convenient to put dogs in the copilot’s position during the trip, so they can see and take care of the babies at any time. In fact, this is not scientific, because there is no special safety belt for dogs, once the emergency brake will hurt the dogs, it will also cause danger; at the same time, dogs If you get close to your host on the way, pick his arm or move around, it will cause a lot of trouble.

    2. The dog puts his head out of the window: The dog likes to put his head out of the window to blow wind and look at the scenery, but there is an emergency outside that will cause the dog to have a stress reaction. What’s more, the speed is too fast, the dog is too light, the window is too wide, and the dog “flies” out of the window.

    3. Stop the car and leave the dog in the car: After the owner gets off the car, he will think that things will be handled quickly, or the owner will temporarily lock the dog in the car because the pet is not allowed to go in and out on some occasions. In the sunlight, the temperature in the car will rise sharply, and the dog will be in danger of life.

    4. Allow dogs to swim: Some dogs are fond of swimming and can’t help seeing water. The owner should pay attention to the fact that the dogs should be controlled in a short distance as much as possible, and the situation such as seaweed twining, traction rope twining and dog cramping can be rescued in time. In addition, don’t let dogs down in polluted sea water.

    5. Let dogs have fun: On the grass and the sea, the vision is wide and the ground is flat. Many owners will let dogs run. It should be noted that the curiosity of dogs will make them run farther and farther away. At the same time, if there are other dogs (such as dogs in estrus) in the situation, it is difficult for the owner to call back the dogs without a leash. In addition, it can prevent the dog from jumping on other tourists with excitement.

    6. Dog picking up and eating: Many tragedies occur as a result, so it is very important to teach the dog how to refuse to eat. If the dog has not yet learned to eat, the owner should always keep an eye on it to prevent the dog from eating by mistake, such as: skewers, bones, excrement, plastic bags, unknown food, animal bodies, etc.

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