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    Dogs need to go out to do sports to keep healthy when they are locked at home for a long time, but it is also necessary for owners to be fully prepared to take dogs out to do outdoor sports. You should know that there will be many unexpected situations in the outdoor.

    Dogs should exercise properly every day. You can’t let the owner’s likes and dislikes go at will, sometimes several times a day, sometimes exercise once a few days. The amount of exercise varies depending on the breed, age, and individual. For example, 3-4 kilometers is the best distance for small dogs to exercise every day. For fast hounds, they should run about 16 kilometers every day. Some small dogs, such as Chihuahua, pekinese dog, marzis, are small because of their size. If they are allowed to walk a long way every day, they will often affect their heart due to excessive exercise. Walking freely at home every day is enough to meet their exercise volume. Before outdoor traction exercise, they should be allowed to move freely for several minutes to defecate. During the exercise, they should keep the correct walking posture, keep a proper distance from the owner, and correct the fixed walking habits of front or back, left or right.

    Second, when you go out to exercise, you must bring a leash to the dog. Especially in urban streets, do not neglect the rope, and let it roam freely, so as to avoid being hit by cars or disturbing pedestrians, or fighting with other dogs, especially to prevent biting pedestrians. It should not be too tight or too loose to use the traction rope. Too tight will affect breathing, and too loose will easily fall off. It is better to have a certain degree of freedom.

    Third, you should always change the route of movement, instead of only following the same fixed route every day. During exercise, dogs should be prevented from sniffing feces or other objects left by other dogs, let alone contacting them. Dogs should not be put in places where people or other dogs gather to prevent infection of certain diseases.

    Fourth, under the safe circular mirror, you can give the dog some plastic plastic plastic plastic toys to play freely or lead him to run.

    Fifth, for working dogs such as hounds or police dogs, swimming exercise in summer is a good whole-body exercise, which can make the dog develop well. The fast movement and flying obstacle in open land can make the structure of shoulder develop well and promote the development of chest, especially the front chest. In order to exercise the back muscles and the jumping force of the back drive, we can carry out activities such as jumping board wall obstacle, high obstacle, continuous obstacle and so on. In order to exercise the dog’s walking speed, you can carry out the bicycle rope traction movement, or combine the movement of curve changing direction, and also exercise the dog’s flexibility of the whole body joints and the agility of the movement.

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