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    In winter, you must pay attention to keeping warm when you take your dog out. Although the dog is very lively and active, puppies and short haired dogs are prone to infection if you don’t pay attention. You can dress your dog in small clothes. If you want to spend the night, quilts and other items are also warm choices.

    For dogs, food is essential. Many pet friends don’t like to bring food to their dogs when they go out. They think it’s also sold outside. If they can’t, they can give them leftovers. In fact, it’s very bad for dogs.

    Dogs and people will also be acclimatized, sometimes the food bought outside is not necessarily suitable for dogs to eat, human food is not suitable for dogs to eat. If you need to live outside when you travel with your dog, it’s better to book a hotel or hotel where you can take your dog, because not all hotels allow you to take your dog.

    And be sure to pay attention to that if your dog is big and likes barking loudly, it’s better not to take him out, because such dogs are generally not allowed in business hotels and star hotels. The toys that dogs like can make dogs better adapt to the environmental changes after going out.

    Finally, they should bring some commonly used pet drugs, such as gastrointestinal medicine, insect repellent medicine, antipyretic medicine and so on. If you don’t know what to bring, you can consult a pet doctor.

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