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    It must be a very happy thing for dogs to travel with them. What’s more, they go to the seaside to play water. But you parents also have a lot to pay attention to. Following has summarized seven precautions for you.

    1. Consider accommodation: Before traveling, it’s important to ask the local hotel and farmyard in advance if you can take your dog to check in. However, if you choose to travel in a field tent, don’t worry.

    2. Overexposure: It’s better not to let dogs run on the beach when the sun is shining. Overexposure will cause UV allergy. It’s suggested to choose a time when the sun is not strong sooner or later.

    3. Dog pet shoes: If you really want to let the dog walk and run on the beach, it is suggested that you can put on the pet shoes for the dog, or walk by the sea water, which is not hot.

    4. Dog cleaning: Although the sea water is good for the dog’s skin, after the dog swims, especially at the seaside, it is necessary to wash the dog’s body with fresh water and the mud between his toes. Then blow dry powder to keep feet dry.

    5. Pay attention to feeding: Do not feed a large amount of food immediately after swimming, otherwise the dog may have gastrointestinal discomfort. If the dog is hungry, give some in moderation.

    6. Be careful of dermatitis: If you find that your dog likes to nibble on his feet, it will probably have dermatitis. If it’s not serious, you can use some talcum powder every day to treat it. Generally, it’s OK for a week. If it’s serious, you should take them to a pet hospital and ask a doctor for diagnosis.

    7. Pay attention to the crowd: Take the dog to the sea, and try to choose a beach with fewer people. Because some tourists are afraid of dogs, and some people may worry about dogs polluting the sea. In any case, to avoid unnecessary disputes, or to choose a few places, people and dogs can have fun.

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