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    Don’t irradiate the dog’s eyes directly. Many toy dogs don’t need a lot of exercise, so just give them toys or play games with them for a while to meet their exercise needs. But to meet the dog’s exercise, the owner usually has to interact with the dog. If the owner is too tired to move because of his work, the laser pen may help us tease the dog to play and let them get some exercise. However, we should pay attention to the relevant problems when using it. To put it bluntly, the reason why the laser pen can attract dogs is entirely due to the curiosity of dogs. And it takes almost no effort to use a laser pen. We just sit there, shine the laser light on the ground, and then move slowly, or move the red dot to any of our moving positions. It’s OK on the ground or on the wall, and the dog will chase happily. This will not only increase the amount of exercise for dogs, but also make us almost sit and finish the work. In fact, the so-called laser pen is similar to the previous laser lamp, which is an educational tool to replace the pointer. Now many teachers use the laser pen in class, so it can easily point to the position they want to explain.
    But we should pay attention to the following points when using:
    1. It’s better to move slowly: because the light is only a small red dot, so don’t move too fast, otherwise the dog may lose interest because it can’t keep up with the red dot.
    2. It’s better not to move the red dot onto fragile objects: dogs will make movements such as throwing and biting when chasing the red dot. If we move the red dot onto things like vases and TVs, it is likely to cause damage to these things. It’s better not to shine on the wall. If the dog’s feet are dirty, the wall will be dirty when he picks the wall.
    3. Don’t directly irradiate the dog’s eyes: This is a very important point. Some owners may be curious and will directly irradiate the laser of the laser pen into the dog’s eyes, which is very incorrect. Short time irradiation will make the dog feel uncomfortable, long time irradiation will cause great damage to the dog’s eyes, so it must be noted.

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