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    When taking a dog out, the dog rope is a necessary thing. Wearing a good dog rope to go out can prevent many accidents. But do you, as the dog owner, know that you need to be prepared before you can wear the dog rope?
    1. Check whether the dog rope is broken. The dog rope is generally purchased according to the dog’s chest circumference. A certain range of dog ropes can be adjusted. Small dogs can use Decal dog ropes. Big dogs should choose strong and bite resistant dog ropes. No matter what kind of dog rope, the quality of the dog rope must be checked before use to see if it is bitten, so as to avoid the rope breaking suddenly on the way of walking the dog.
    2. Slightly adjust the size of the dog rope. Adjust the size of the dog rope. It’s impossible to buy a dog rope home and use it immediately. It’s also very hard for dogs to tie ropes. Dogs always like to bite. Especially when the dog rope is loose! When you are going to put a rope on the dog, you should check the chest circumference visually and adjust the size slightly. (it is better to use larger points).
    3. Precautions when loosening the bayonet. Loosen the bayonet and put the rope aside. The shaking of the rope will cause the curiosity of the dog. The dog will bite when it moves around and opens its mouth, but it is easy to hurt the owner by mistake.

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