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    Do not feed indigestible food. The frequency of food replacement should not be too high. The dog’s gastrointestinal function should be strong or weak. Dogs have good digestion ability and can digest some foods that are not easy to digest. But now the dog’s intestinal adaptability is not particularly good, so once eating food that is not usually eaten, it may lead to diarrhea and laxity. Of course, the cause of dog diarrhea is not only diet, these factors are also worthy of our attention. Diarrhea is the most common symptom in dogs. The causes of diarrhea are various, such as environmental changes, food allergies, ingestion of foreign bodies, organic phosphorus and plant poisoning, parasites and so on. When dogs have diarrhea, it is not easy to identify the cause, so the possibility of diarrhea should be prevented.
    1. Diet. Dogs should be fed regularly and quantitatively. Good eating habits should be developed to help their gastrointestinal function. Do not let the dog hungry a full meal, it will make gastrointestinal dysfunction, may occur stubborn diarrhea. If the dog is still young, the dog food can be soaked and fed again, but the soaked dog food cannot be kept for a long time, otherwise it will deteriorate. It’s natural for a dog to chew bones, but it’s better not to feed the dog, especially the chicken bones. If the dog can’t digest them, it may puncture the digestive organs. In addition, the dog’s drinking water should be clean. It’s better to change it half a day. The unclean drinking water contains a lot of bacteria and microorganisms.
    2. Keep the dog’s living space and supplies clean and disinfect regularly. Its residence should be warm in winter and well ventilated in summer. If you want to take your dog on a trip or take him to another place, you should be careful about his diet, work and rest on the way. When the dog goes to another strange environment, it will have a process of adaptation. At this time, it is necessary to ensure that it has enough rest time, let it slowly adapt to the environment, and do not rush to feed.
    3. Walk dogs. When taking dogs for a walk, they like to smell everywhere to collect more information. At this time, the owner can’t take it lightly. Don’t let the dog sniff the unknown object and don’t let it pick up food outside. Some dogs don’t eat fiber food for a long time, and lack of cellulose in their bodies. They like to eat some plants when walking, which should also be prevented, because some plants will be toxic to dogs. Such as oleander (details), potato leaves, evergreen, etc. In addition, when it is heard or found that there are other dogs nearby, especially several dogs are sick, it is necessary to keep your dog away from other dogs and other dogs’ feces when walking.
    4. The most effective way to prevent infectious diseases is vaccination. Many infectious diseases can cause diarrhea in dogs, so vaccination against these diseases is very necessary. The first immunization requires three injections, with an interval of about two weeks between each injection. After three injections, the vaccine should be injected every other year, because the effectiveness of the vaccine can only last for one year. When vaccinating, the dog must be completely healthy, without abnormal reaction or disease. Generally, the dog taken home needs to be observed for about one week, and can only be vaccinated if there is no abnormality. From the first injection of the vaccine, we should pay more attention to the dog. The vaccine has a weak toxicity. When the vaccine is not fully vaccinated, we can’t bathe the dog. It’s better not to take him out of the house until three injections are completed and one week has passed. Some diarrhea is caused by internal parasites. Generally, dogs have internal parasites, such as Ascaris, hookworm, etc., so they need to be treated regularly. Generally, young dogs under 1 year old should be deworming every 2-3 months. For adult dogs, the cycle of deworming can be extended appropriately, but it is better not to have too long interval.

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