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    Lice are found in dogs and puppies, especially in long haired dogs. They often scratch and bite their fur. If they are not suffering from skin diseases such as eczema, most of them have lice. Lice live by sucking blood and live in vitro. It is also the main source and vector of skin diseases in puppies and adult dogs, which affects the health of dogs. Domestic dogs must always pay attention to whether they have lice.

    If the puppies have lice, they can use a kind of lice water. When the puppies are wet washed, after washing the hair conditioner and water successively, apply it on the whole body of the dog hair. However, the lice water should be diluted in the proportion of one tablespoon to 12 liters of water. After coating, do not wash with water again. When the medicine seeps, the skin will be covered to prevent and cure it. Some puppies are not suitable for wet washing, like Beijing dogs. This kind of long haired dog can use spray or powder. First, the hair can be combed from the tail to the head, and then spray the spray directly on the fur of the whole body. The distance is about 15 to 20 cm, avoiding spraying to the eyes and mouth.

    It is usually enough to spray evenly for 8 seconds. If the weight is less than 3kg, spray only for seconds. If powder is used, the hair should also be combed first, evenly sprinkled on the fur, and combed off half an hour later. During this period, you should watch the dog and not let him lick the powder on his body. Others have tried yeast tablets. Every 10 pound dog can process gram yeast powder in food every day, and can also play a role in preventing ticks.

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