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    Many diseases of dogs make the owners very unprepared. It’s a small matter to spend money. It’s important that diseases threaten the dog’s health. Therefore, we should focus on prevention. What are the preventive measures for acute endometritis of dogs?

    Preventive measures.
    Do a good job in the health disinfection of bitch breeding, parturition and postpartum: during the operation of induced labor and caesarean section, it is necessary to be small and subtle, standard operation, strict prevention of damage, thorough disinfection and strict prevention of infection; it is necessary to treat the diseases such as abortion, retained placenta and vaginitis in a timely manner;

    The female dog should be injected with uterine contractile drugs after parturition It can promote lactation and strengthen the recovery of uterus. The above comprehensive control measures can effectively prevent the occurrence of the disease. The infusion of calcium gluconate after delivery can not only ensure the normal nutritional status of female dogs, but also prevent the postpartum wind caused by low blood calcium concentration and calcium deficiency, prevent and treat acute endometritis, promote the absorption and metabolism of inflammatory substances, reduce body temperature and improve the curative effect.

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