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    Schnauzer dogs are lively and active! So can we train them? So how should we train Schnauzer? What are the skills of training Schnauzer? When training schnauzer, it doesn’t mean that the Schnauzer of terrier dogs is particularly difficult to train, but that the principle of training Schnauzer is not mastered properly! The principle of training Schnauzer is as follows.

    The purpose of praise and touch training is to “teach”, not “scold”. The best way is to praise and touch frequently, so that Schnauzer can understand the happy mood of the host.
    The password should be clear. In order for Schnauzer to understand and remember it, it is better to use short and clear sentences during training, and it is not suitable to say them repeatedly. When giving orders, avoid loud, loud or angry voices. Because Schnauzer is very sensitive, the above practice will make Schnauzer gradually link scolding with training. In addition, the same password should use different tone for different natures of Schnauzer. For example, if it is the same as “squatting down”, command the nervous Schnauzer gently or cheerfully, and command the active Schnauzer loudly and decisively. The breeder should choose different ways according to his own character.
    Avoid excessive compliments. Praise Schnauzer only when he is very obedient. If you praise a dog at any time, it will confuse him. He doesn’t know when he will be praised. In this way, the key training is difficult to carry out.
    Correct in time when Schnauzer is ready to do “can’t do” things, it should be stopped loudly and decisively. If she scolds it afterwards, she will not understand the reason and will continue to do the “can’t do” things. What’s more, when she is often reprimanded for unknown reasons, she will gradually become distrustful of her master and will no longer listen to his orders. Schnauzer Dog is very dependent on its owner, so our owner should pay more attention and patience in ordinary time!

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