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    In ancient times, many owners preferred large dogs. They felt that when large dogs were taken out for a walk, they were very drafty. They often impulsively took large dogs and puppies home. But after a period of raising, the big dogs are very naughty and active, eat a lot, and all kinds of bad habits can not be changed. At this time, it’s too late for the owners to repent. Following should remind everyone who wants to raise large dogs not to take them home on impulse. Their breeding is not as simple as you think.

    First, the space needed to raise large dogs must be considered. If you are sharing a house with others or living with your family, you must ask for their opinions. You must decide to raise it after everyone agrees. Otherwise, there may be a lot of troubles. Large dogs need enough space for exercise and play.

    Second, raising large dogs requires a certain economic ability. Because large dogs are strong and need more food than small dogs. So we need to spend more money to buy food for the dog. Besides food, if the dog is sick, it also needs to spend money to go to the pet hospital, or do care, which costs more than small dogs. There are also dog kennels, food bowls or dog clothes that need to be paid for.

    Therefore, if your economy is not very good, it is recommended not to raise large dogs first.

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