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    Are you really ready before raising them? You should know that Labrador dogs are very big, and they are naughty. Can you really accept them?

    1. High probability of congenital diseases: Like other purebred dogs, Labrador dogs are very likely to suffer from hereditary diseases. Hip dysplasia, eye dysplasia, vision problems, heart problems, epilepsy There is no end to the list. Please do your homework before you raise a dog! Read more, or ask breeders / other Labradors.

    2. There are also many acquired diseases: Not only genetic diseases, but also Labrador dogs are likely to suffer from other postnatal diseases. These include, but are not limited to, edema, obsessive-compulsive disorder, thyroid problems, and other immune and endocrine problems.

    3. Labrador dogs are not clean: If you have a habit of cleanliness, you won’t like it, they will shed their hair, they will dig holes, they will race in the mud. Sometimes I will help you clear the sundries on the coffee table as soon as I’m happy, and I’ll do it as soon as I wag my tail! If you have a habit of cleanliness and you have a dog for display, don’t have a Labrador.

    4. Labrador dogs lose a lot of hair: A female Labrador will lose hair twice a year when she is in heat. The male and the ligated female still shed their hair moderately every year according to the change of seasons and so on. These hairs will stick to furniture, clothes, and then float on your floor like the wind rolling grass. You will be surprised when you find the hair falling from the inconceivable place. Dog hair sticks to everything in the house except dogs.

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