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    Everyone has a three minute heat for new things, the same is true for new puppies. The first thing most people do when they take their puppies home is almost always to feed them. And the amount of feeding is quite a lot, which is undoubtedly a typical example of good intentions and bad deeds. Because puppies should not be fed too full, why? Following will introduce it.

    For the first time, the pet dog is not aware of scientific feeding management and is always afraid of starvation, so it is fed continuously or in large quantities. As a result, the pet gets sick or even dies, especially the dog, which is often caused by excessive feeding. Most dogs are raised from the young. The digestion and absorption function of puppies is not sound, and some puppies are greedy for food, so they are prone to vomit and diarrhea due to overeating. If the treatment is not timely, they will often die.

    Generally speaking, the dogs just bought from the market are hungry and thirsty, and the new owners make them eat and drink too much, which is the most likely cause of vomiting and diarrhea. Therefore, for the puppies just bought from the market, they should first drink water and then feed food. In the first few days, dogs are generally allowed to eat 70-80% full. The best food to feed is puppy food on the market. This kind of food is rich in nutrition and proper in proportion, which is conducive to the digestion and absorption of dogs.

    In addition, it’s better to consult an experienced person or animal doctor when raising a puppy, take them to an animal hospital for health examination, and make a vaccination and disinfestation plan. Because the intestinal function and digestive function of puppies are not very sound, a large amount of feeding is very easy to lead to vomiting and diarrhea of dogs, so that the resistance of dogs will be reduced, so they are more vulnerable to virus damage, and we should pay attention to that whether puppies or adult dogs are not suitable for overfeeding.

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