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    Dogs are not only pets for us, but also good friends for children. Not only in the process of getting along with dogs day and night, children can also find many good qualities from dogs, so they are infected, which has a positive impact on dogs’ psychology and can also play a great role. Now many only child’s growth environment is easy to develop self-centered, will not communicate and share with others, poor hands-on ability, lack of sense of responsibility, strong dependence and other issues.

    At this time, or you can consider selecting a pet for your child, so that the pet child’s soul can grow up with a good partner. In a new study released by the school of psychology of Beijing Normal University, experts said: children who have dogs in their families feel less lonely, have a stronger tendency to share, and are more willing to take care of young children. Experts believe that companion animals, to a certain extent, have the function of playing some human roles and are good partners for children’s spiritual growth. Experts suggest that for families that feed companion animals, parents should consciously make use of children’s willingness to be close to nature and animal nature, and effectively use animals as a medium to educate children. In the process of raising companion animals, parents should not blindly replace children to take responsibility, and imperceptibly run through the education of sense of responsibility and independence.

    It can be seen that dogs can play a lot of positive roles in children’s growth. They can not only let children know how to take care of others, but also let them learn tolerance and tolerance. Moreover, some children with more isolated personalities can be greatly improved after raising dogs.

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