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    It’s very beneficial for children to spend time with dogs when they are young. They can not only learn many excellent qualities from dogs, but also become more careful and responsible in the process of caring for dogs. Not only that, children’s practical ability, communication ability, expression ability and equality consciousness will be greatly improved, but also have certain benefits to their bodies.

    Many people think that pets such as dogs and cats are the main allergens in the family. Children who often play with these pets or live in a “mixed room” are prone to allergic reactions and even asthma. But a study published by US researchers shows that children who play with two or more pets, such as cats and dogs, when they are young, are less likely to be allergic to allergic substances and can effectively prevent asthma. Researchers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, followed 474 children born in 1987 and 89 for up to 10 years. Among the surveyed children, more than 30% of the children keep dogs all the time, 14% have cats, 8% have both dogs and cats, and more than half of the parents of these children have allergies or asthma. In general, children who grew up with pets such as dogs and cats are much less likely to develop allergic reactions to various indoor and outdoor allergens when they are 7 years old than children who do not touch pets, the study found. Among them, 33.6% of the children in the families without pets had skin allergic reactions to six common allergic substances including dust and pollen in the first year of life, while the children with one pet had slightly higher skin allergic reactions in the first year, but the children with more than two pets in the family had less skin allergic reactions in the first year than the children in other groups 15%. Children with two or more pets at home have a 67% to 77% lower risk of allergic reactions than children with only one or no pets at home, regardless of other factors that cause allergic reactions, such as passive smoking, dust and parents’ allergic history.

    From the above data, it can be found that raising a pet from an early age will not cause children’s allergic reactions, on the contrary, children will gradually get familiar with this living environment in the process of getting along with dogs, and can also reduce the chance of allergies.

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