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    Many people may be skeptical that dogs can reduce the risk of heart disease, and pets are prone to parasites, and some pets can cause asthma. But the idea that raising dogs can reduce the risk of heart disease is well founded. In 1991, researchers at the University of Cambridge found that some British people had a long-term problem, such as headache, back pain and flu, which was relieved in the months after they kept cats and dogs. In 2001, it was reported that among Australians with basically the same living habits, the blood cholesterol level of pet owners was lower than that of non pet owners, thus reducing the risk of heart disease. At this stage, these findings are just some confusing coincidence. Why does keeping a pet reduce the chance of back pain? Why does it reduce cholesterol?

    Many researchers speculate that this is due to the subtle effect of mental health and physical health. If the above new findings about the relationship between human health and pet keeping are confirmed, it is likely to lead to new research on the psychological and physiological effects of pet keeping. More than a decade ago, it was first discovered that keeping pets seemed to be good for prolonging life. Erica Friedman of the United States is trying to prove whether people’s social life and loneliness are related to their ability to resist heart disease. Fredman selected 92 male patients in the process of recovery and asked them about their living habits in detail, some of which were related to pet keeping. A year later, 14 of the 92 people died. Fredman pulled up their sources, hoping to find the difference between the survivors and the dead. He found that patients with chronic disabilities were more vulnerable to disease than those with pets. In the face of this discovery, Friedman began to look for new explanations. Maybe it’s because the dog owners do more exercise while walking the dog? But he found that other pet owners who don’t need exercise are also more disease resistant. Freedman concluded that pets do help cure heart disease. He found limited efficacy, accounting for only 3% of heart disease deaths, but across the United States, one million people die of heart disease every year, which means that 30000 Americans are saved by pets in any one year. In a study conducted by Warwick Anderson in Australia, he asked 5741 people with heart disease about their living habits and whether they had pets.

    The researchers found that the 784 patients who had pets had two lower percentage of cholesterol than others, and epidemiologists predicted that it would reduce the incidence rate of heart disease by 4%. So it’s not just groundless that raising dogs can reduce the risk of heart disease, it has a certain basis.

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