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    Dog training usually begins two or three months after birth. A dog born for two or three months is equivalent to a child aged 3 to 5. Preschool children should receive systematic education in kindergarten, and dogs should also receive basic education within 6 months after birth. So how should we teach?
    When we teach, we can use praise and reprimand flexibly. They complement each other and are indispensable. Timely praise and appropriate reprimand will contribute to the success of the training. Praise more, reprimand less. If only reprimand not praise, will make the dog spirit in a state of tension. Dogs always expect to be tender and caressed. Therefore, instead of reprimanding like this, it’s better to praise in time as soon as you have good performance. Only in this way can we get a better effect.
    For example, when a dog is defecating, it wants to defecate near the kennel. When it sees this situation, the owner should immediately lead it to a designated place. After defecation, the dog should be properly caressed. This is the most perfect method of teaching. It is often seen that someone gives food to dogs or toys to play with when they are being taught. This is not a good way. Use the material stimulation method to educate the dog, when there is food, it is OK, once there is no food, the dog may not obey the master’s order.

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