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    Dogs are different from stray dogs and loose dogs. Many of them are confined to indoor or yard, so there is not enough space for exercise. We all know that proper exercise is good for the dog’s physical and mental health, and the amount of exercise for dogs of different sizes is different. The daily exercise time for small dogs is about 15 minutes, for medium dogs is about 30 minutes, and for large dogs is about 1 hour. Avoid a lot of intense exercise on weekends: exercise should be carried out every day, and some days can be interrupted as a last resort. Some dogs have little activity from Monday to Friday, but the owner takes them to do a lot of activities on Saturday or Sunday, even strenuous exercise. In fact, this is not good, especially may cause heart, spinal cord, ligament diseases, and joint injuries for dogs over six years old. Walking outside, following the distance of the master’s shoes, step by step, is the best sport. One is to cultivate the relationship between the owner and the dog. The other is that both people and dogs have enough and moderate exercise. If it’s a large dog, it needs more daily walking. It’s more appropriate for the family to take turns to walk with it several times a day. It’s a very bad way to force a dog to run at a speed of more than 20 kilometers per hour by using a motorcycle and holding the leash on the dog’s collar with one hand. Especially when the dog is over four years old, it is easy to cause heart injury.

    When people and dogs are over their prime, they should not do exercises that will make the heart rate and breath very fast and for a long time. When the breath and heart rate are maintained for a few minutes or ten minutes very fast, it is easy to cause myocardial hypoxia and hypoxia of multiple tissues in the whole body. For example, a person’s normal walking speed is about six kilometers an hour. His heart rate and breath are not too hard. When he changes to jogging, his calorie consumption increases by about 60%, but the oxygen consumption of his heart muscle increases by two to three times. So for middle-aged dogs and people, the only benefit of running is to add a little more calories in a limited time. But the purpose of exercise is not to burn calories, but for the whole body’s blood circulation, muscles, ligaments, joints and viscera.

    So it’s important to choose the right amount of exercise for your dog’s age.

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