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    The so-called tonic is naturally a kind of drug of icing on the cake. Generally, normal dogs don’t need to eat all kinds of tonic deliberately. Eating too much nutrition is not good for the dog’s health, on the contrary, it may be self defeating. And for dogs who are recovering from a serious illness, or are recovering from some diseases, feeding supplements can help them a lot.
    Although we usually don’t need to feed too many supplements to the dog, if we can supplement the required health care products in time, it can effectively reduce the incidence of pain and relieve discomfort.
    1. If the dog’s hair is always rough and lusterless, there are a lot of knotting balls on his body, or he licks his feet, grabs and depilates every three or five times, or even repeatedly infects eczema and mould, it’s hard to cure them, he should pay special attention to the fur problem. In addition to keeping the environment dry, it is advisable to take more health care products or fish containing EPA / DHA and other ingredients to improve skin health and hair softness. Taking some vitamin B12 is also good for improving the skin resistance of dogs. Vitamin a supplement to prevent night blindness
    2. Eyes. Although the dog’s vision is not particularly outstanding, but in the night road is also inseparable from it, and the eyes are an important window of the soul. But just like human beings, once they enter the old age, their eyes will gradually degenerate, and common diseases are no more than glaucoma, cataract, dry eye disease, etc. If the dog has obvious lacrimal glands, rubbing eyes, secretions and other problems, we must face them squarely, do not think these actions are cute, but ignore them, otherwise unexpected consequences may occur. In addition, usually to observe the dog’s eyeball, if the surface appears turbid, lusterless, abnormal prominent and other conditions, we must see a doctor as soon as possible, without delay. Night blindness and other problems are the dog’s lack of vitamin A, so it can be properly supplemented at ordinary times to prevent the occurrence of the problem.
    3. Intestine. In fact, the shape and weight of dog’s feces are important signals to judge whether it is healthy or not. Diarrhea or constipation are often abnormal alarms. If you can use health care products to supplement good bacteria in your body, it can not only increase gastrointestinal peristalsis, but also improve digestion. If the intestinal function of dogs is not particularly excellent, you can also feed some probiotics to help them at ordinary times Its digestion.

    Heart disease is one of the most common diseases in small dogs and old dogs. It usually has the symptoms of water choking, dry cough, and asthma. Once the heart disease occurs, it can only be controlled by taking medicine and can’t be completely cured. If you don’t want your dog to live too early in a medicine can, it’s suggested to add more ingredients or health care products containing Q10 coenzyme. Joint health has a great influence on dog’s life. If the dog in the home has symptoms such as sudden limp, unexplained foot lifting and shaking, or knee bone heterotopia, intervertebral disc protrusion, it may be that the joints and bones are giving an alarm. It is suggested that the dog can usually supplement calcium, glucosamine, chondroitin and other nutrients. Although nutrition has great benefits to dog’s health, it can also prevent some diseases to a certain extent. But in the amount of above must be carefully considered, excessive use will affect the health of dogs.

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