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    Protein is the material basis for dog to maintain life. Every cell and all components in dog body have protein participation. Without protein, dog will not survive. In dogs, protein is second only to protein. Therefore, in order to make dogs grow healthily, it is very important to supplement proper amount of protein.

    Generally, an adult dog needs to supplement 5g protein per kilogram of body weight every day, and the growing dog needs to double the supply. If the dog is in the period of pregnancy, lactation or disease recovery, the supply of protein will increase accordingly. When protein supply is insufficient, dogs will suffer from weight loss, disease, muscle atrophy, bone toughness deterioration, edema, organ dysfunction, metabolic disorder, and even death. In addition, the sperm quality of male dogs will decline, and the mating cannot be completed smoothly; female dogs are not easy to be pregnant, even if they are pregnant, they will soon miscarry or have teratogenesis and stillbirth. The excessive supply of protein will cause fat accumulation, metabolic disorder and metabolic acidosis in dogs. If the dog’s kidney function is not good, the dog should not be given too much protein, otherwise the dog’s kidney will bear a greater burden, which will lead to the dog’s rapid death. The main sources of protein are meat, eggs, milk and legumes. However, the owner should pay attention to avoid the following food for the dog when adding protein:

    Food type: Puppies will have diarrhea and other symptoms after drinking milk. If not stopped in time, puppies are likely to have other conditions. Some adult dogs may not have discomfort after drinking milk, but this is not the reason why adult dogs can drink milk. The main reason is that there is no lactase in dogs, while there is a large amount of lactose in milk, which can not be absorbed by dogs. Now there is milk specially developed for dogs on the market, which can be safely given to dogs.

    Another option is to give your dog goat’s milk, which is similar to dog’s milk. The intestines and stomachs of dogs are more sensitive than those of human beings. If you want to feed meat products, you must cook the meat, which can not only prevent the dog from being diluted due to bacterial infection, but also prevent the occurrence of parasitic diseases.

    Reminder: meat should be cut into small parts for dogs. The main problem is the problem of producing protein. The ovalbumin in the raw protein will consume the vitamin H in the dog’s body, and the vitamin H is the nutrition element for the dog’s growth and fur health, so do not feed the dog with raw protein. In the end, I would like to remind you that nutrition supplement needs to be balanced, and there should be no lack or excess.

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