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    Golden Retriever a lot of golden retrievers sometimes have a heavy body odor, which causes the owner to complain repeatedly. If it’s not an inflammation of the ear or skin, we need to see if the dog’s anal gland is inflamed. The anal gland of golden hair secretes a very smelly liquid, which tastes bad and may even cause some diseases. So it is necessary to clean the anal gland regularly.
    The anal gland secretes anal gland fluid, which is a very smelly liquid with different smell and color. If it is not emptied in time, it will form a capsule. The most common disease of anal gland is obstruction and inflammation.

    1. Symptoms of dogs that need to clean their anal glands. Dogs will send out a very unpleasant smell; they will often rub their hips on the floor; they often bite their hips or tails; their tails will not be very high, but will hang their tails, and sometimes even their legs will hold their tails; they will become very sensitive to touching their hips.
    2. Cleaning method. First wash the anus with warm water. The dog’s skin will become soft and relaxed. At this time, the glands are easy to empty in most cases. Then turn the dog’s tail up as much as possible, and the anus will also stand out. Place the thumb and index finger on both sides of the anus, push and touch them from the outside to the inside. Before cleaning, trim the nails of the thumb and index finger shorter to avoid hurting the dog when they are squeezed. At this time, two hard glands will be felt on both sides of the raised anus, which will be squeezed from light to heavy until the foul smelling liquid is discharged. Don’t look directly at the dog’s anus when you squeeze it. It may be splashed by the ejected liquid. In fact, it’s like we squeeze acne, so parents don’t have to worry about hurting dogs.
    Generally, dogs should be cleaned once a month. However, if the dogs often eat raw meat, the cleaning interval can be shorter. In order to clean, refreshing and healthy dogs, we must pay attention to the cleaning of anal glands.

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